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Takeshi Nakayoshi

See Takeshi's paintings, Artist's Statement and CV here.

Takeshi is an artist’s artist. He works full time on his paintings in his studio in the lower level of his home in the Sunset district of San Francisco. He originally studied art at the University of Oregon and the San Francisco Art Institute where he obtained his BFA and MFA degrees. That is where he developed his uncompromising spirit and commitment towards art and his life’s work as an artist. He has been a disciple of Matisse and California’s own Diebenkorn for many years, and most recently has delved deeply into the thinking and works of the abstract expressionist movement forerunners and leaders including in particular Arshile Gorky, Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock. Music has always been of great importance to his life and work, particularly that of jazz greats such as Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck. Most recently he has been entranced by a variety of Brazilian musicians and vocalists.  He plays several instruments himself and composes his own music. The connection between music and art runs deep in Takeshi’s work and is related to the harmony he strives for in his paintings.

Takeshi is concerned almost as much with the physics and chemistry of the medium he has chosen as he is by the form, shape, line and color in his work, which is also exquisite. He is meticulous in finding just the right combinations of paint, solvents and resins to develop shimmering surface textures that complement his work, as well as transparent and opaque layers of paint that add greatly to the complexity and richness of his paintings. He reflects deeply about the meaning and significance of his work, mostly after his paintings are completed. However, he has also largely managed to purposefully transcend rational thought during the creative painting process itself, and has developed such skills as a painter that much of the mechanics of his painting is now automatic, with the rich content itself coming through him directly from his heart and unconscious being. His latest works in fact appear to explore unconsciousness itself.

                                                          Geoffrey Smith
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