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2nd Tranche Show


Bay Area Contemporary Art:  “The Second Tranche” at Chroma Art Design

Thursday, August 20th to Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Curator Geoffrey Smith of has been working diligently with veteran Bay Area artist Takeshi Nakayoshi to assemble a diverse yet complementary group of contemporary Bay Area artists, to organize group shows for these artists, and to help market their works. “The Second Tranche” is the second show this year at Chroma Art Design for this group. Five new artists have been added including Eileen Downey, a former student of Karl Kasten and David Park and participant in the earlier Bay Area Figurative Art movement. Continuing artists include Takeshi Nakayoshi, whose latest work is heavily inspired by Michelangelo Antonioni, one of Italy's most influential post-war film directors; and April Hankins, who travels regularly between her studios in San Francisco and New York to participate in the art world in both locations.

There are eleven artists participating in this group show, including:

Takeshi Nakayoshi, whose latest oil paintings have recently transitioned through a two year figurative phase to a new series of abstract paintings influenced by the philosophy and works of filmmaker Antonioni. Throughout his career Takeshi has been particularly inspired by the works of Matisse and Diebenkorn.

Roc Hopkins' largely figurative oil paintings are infused with bold yet well integrated and balanced colors and images. He achieves a successful combination of both intensity and harmony. Roc has been heavily influenced by Picasso, Matisse and the Fauvists.

John Smiddy's oil on wood abstract paintings are highly detailed and painstakingly crafted. They are carefully worked and re-worked, where paint is added, scraped and removed, sanded, re-painted, scribed and scored until the desired artistic objectives are finally achieved.

April Hankins' small to medium size abstract acrylic and latex paintings are largely improvisational, incorporating large swirling brushstrokes, shifts in scale and juxtaposition of color to create a sense of environment and place. She wants the viewer to feel they are “there” in that place even though the physical location itself is indeterminate. 

Anna Edwards
has included two paintings from her “Images in Art” series.
This work results from periods of contemplation and reflection on the blush of sunlight on landscapes such as the Kenyan Savannah, and the Grand Canyon, and is intended to engage and delight the viewer in a visceral way on many levels.

Eileen Downey
’s works from her musician series included in this show reflect her roots in the Bay Area Figurative Art movement. Her musician series drawings and paintings reflect her attempt to capture the beauty, the timelessness, and the harmony she experienced time and again on Sunday nights from the musicians at V.K.’s.

Mi Jung Penzien’s work can be characterized as emotional, introspective and expressionist.  Through her paintings she strives to make statements on the human condition, the contradictions and dualities in life, and the inner struggles we all encounter.

Sona Holman’s recent poetic and symbolic acrylic paintings often appear based on the interplay between natural and biological elements, and sometimes primordial forces. ”Conversation”, a new piece she has included in this show, completed only days before the show opening, is the first of a new body of work that reflects upon the temporal nature of connection and the deep link of shared affinity.

Tama Greenberg's intensely colorful acrylic paintings reflect her intentional approach to art as by a child, playing with color and shapes spontaneously, much like a large doodle, often without a specific subject in mind.  The abstractions and organic forms in her paintings sometimes derive from an interest in the natural world as may be viewed through a microscope.

Elizabeth Tana is an abstract painter and printmaker, using oil and acrylic in both fields. The subject of her work is usually related in some way to her Asian heritage, often evoking recollections and memories from her past, and moments from various travels that have touched and inspired her.

Suzanne Radcliffe's
 work, though primarily abstract, also encompasses the figurative and is heavily influenced by the California landscape and her travels around the world.  In California she is inspired by the many different climates and varieties of cityscapes, mountains, sea shore, rolling hills, fabulous live oak trees, and the countless compositions of earth, sky and water.

More detailed biographies and artists statements are available at the show location at Chroma Art Design or on request from the curator.

Curator:   Geoffrey Smith   (925) 788-7361

Chroma Art Design            (415) 552-9661

218 Mississippi Street

San Francisco, CA 94107

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